Botswana Oregano-Bean Salad

Botswana has a variety of local delicacies and its cuisine is known as the Rainbow's Gastronomy. The following are some of Botswana's traditional dishes: Dikgobe, Mogodu, Seswaa, Vetkoek, Phaphatha. When it comes to Botswana's traditional drinks, they have a famous beer called Bojalwa that goes amazing with this Oregano-Bean Salad. Botswana's cuisine is unique, but they do share some characteristics with South Africa's cuisine like vetkoek and pap.

For this recipe, the blend of mixed beans with oregano makes all the difference. In many African dishes, beans are cooked in stews, soups, or mashes; hence, combining a mixture of beans and seasoned with fresh or dried oregano makes for an unusual, but exciting delicacy. I particularly love to pair this salad with beef chunks.


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