Fries and Eggs, Chipsi Mayai

A fusion of French fries and eggs, that’s what Chipsi Mayai is all about. This street food is a Tanzanian staple. You can find it in every nook and corner of the East African nation from Dodoma to Dar es Salaam. Simply translated, Chipsi stands for chips and Mayai means eggs in Swahili. This Bantu language is the lingua franca of many African nations including Tanzania.

You can find a blend of many different flavours in Tanzanian cuisine. It is greatly influenced by Arabic and Indian cooking. Whether it’s Muhogo, Mishkaki or Mayai, it is a treat for your taste buds. Chipsi mayai or zege, as the locals fondly call it, is deliciousness served on a platter. As you make your way across Tanzanian streets, you can see oil pots bubbling with freshly cut potato wedges. You can be rest assured, they are serving chipsi mayai.


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