Kachumbari is popular across the entire African continent, although in different forms and variations. This delicious and fresh salad is a must for every grill party. Kachumbari is a Swahili name but the origin of the salad can be traced back to Mexico. It is similar to Pico De Gallo which is served in Latin America, but eaten as a side dish rather than a garnish.

Kachumbari is special to a lot of Kenyans because it complements a lot of the main dishes. It goes well with ugali, rice (pilau), mukimo, biryani, eggs, sausages and the famous Kenyan barbecue, known as nyama choma. The best thing about Kachumbari is that you can literally find it everywhere, from hotels to restaurants or even as street food. I love to be creative with the presentation of this salad as the different colors allow you to create a beautiful plate for all types of occasions.


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the salad is wonderful. i will try it. it is awesome

nenye August 13, 2021

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