Bhajias are very popular across Africa, especially on the Kenyan coast. The traditional snack is made of potatoes which are coated with batter and then fried. Bhajias originate from India although they refer to them as bhaji. There are many different ways of preparing this delicious dish. I for example like them with additional seasoning and a bit crispier than you would usually find them.

This recipe is very easy to cook at home and is ideal as an appetizer when you have friends over. I usually serve them as a starter to keep everyone entertained until the main course is ready. The tasty bites are best served with Kachumbari or chutney. When you travel in Kenya you will find Bhajias as street food or in restaurants, served as an appetizer or as a main dish. Being a perfect party-starter, Bhajias are often offered at local parties such as weddings, birthday parties or iftars.


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