Moroccan chicken thigh tagine

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about North African cuisine are the delicious Moroccan tagines. The cone-shaped clay containers Morocco is famous for are known for creating some of the best dishes in the region. The clay material adds a beautiful earthy flavor to the spice-rich Moroccan dishes and helps the flavors flourish, while the cone shape with its narrow base and wide center concentrates the steam on the food helping with even cooking, and resting in juicy meats. This chicken thigh tagine recipe is fun to make and rich in flavor. The dish gets its distinguished taste from the tagine pot. However, you can also cook it using a wide Dutch oven, crockpot, cast-iron braiser or a deep skillet too. If preserved lemons are unavailable, squeeze out fresh lemon juice or add lemon zest. Savour this Moroccan classic straight out of the pot to get the authentic taste.


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