Kenyan Mukimo

Kenyan gastronomy has a wide variety of delicious dishes and you should not miss the opportunity to try them. One of them is the Kenyan mukimo, a typical dish of the Kikuyus tribe but widely known throughout the African continent.

The traditional delicacy consists of mashed potatoes, peas and corn. Adding spinach or pumpkin leaves gives the dish the extra green color.

It is worth mentioning that Kenyan mukimo is used as a garnish for any cut of stewed meat, such as beef, veal, or goat, seasoned with ginger, cloves, bay leaf, paprika as well as other spices. 

If you want a crunchier touch you can add some fried onion, which will give it a sweeter taste.

If you are a mashed potatoes lover, make sure to try this delicious Kenyan mukimo recipe by following below instructions. 



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