Tasty, bite-sized, addictive, crispy… these are some of the words I use to describe this decadent snack that owes its origin to West Africa. There are different adaptations to this snack depending on the country it’s made in. Our variation is going to be somewhat healthy because we will be baking instead of deep-frying. Originally, chin chin was reserved for very special occasions such as Christmas, weddings and birthdays but today it’s one of the most loved West African street foods.

oven-baked soft chin chins on wooden plate

My oven-baked soft chin chins are super soft and perfectly seasoned to make your breakfast or mid-morning extra special. After preparing them once or twice, feel free to adapt the recipe to your own desire. For example, you can play around with the spices. You can use cinnamon for a sweet bakery aroma or turmeric to make your chin chins yellow or grated beets to make them red on the inside.

Be warned once you make chin chins at home, everyone in your household will be left demanding for more! Enjoy!



It’s meant to be baked not fried

SuperWoman August 10, 2021

After making my floor once I start frying my chin chin will not be strong it will spoil inside the oil why
😭😭it is so heartbreaking

Innocent July 03, 2021

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