Jollof is a typical West African rice dish that is prepared with a sauce made out of habaneros (also called capo peppers), tomatoes, garlic, curry, onion and other spices, which will be placed in a blender and mixed to a delicious hot sauce.

In view of its popularity, the dish is widely known across the African continent. It is worth mentioning that Ghana, Nigeria as well as Senegal claim the creation of this popular dish. Likewise, in other countries such as Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Mali, Cameroon and Gambia, this dish is very popular.

You can perfectly enjoy Jollof rice with chicken wings, thighs or any other piece of meat. If you wish, you can also give it a sweeter touch by adding a few slices of fried plantain, known in the Yoruba dialect as dodo.

The Senegalese version of this dish is made with fried fish. In Ghana, Jollof rice usually has a spicy touch, due to the addition of a sauce made with hot peppers and hard-boiled eggs called shito. 

Meanwhile, in Nigeria Jollof has a smoked flavor, as it is traditionally prepared outdoors on firewood or charcoal, so that the water evaporates and the rice takes on a darker shade. 

If you like it spicy, you can add some sriracha sauce, this will not only enhance the spicy flavor but will also look beautiful on your plate.

If you want to try African cuisine, Jollof is a great option to start and you can easily do so by following below instructions. 


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