Zanzibar Mix, Urojo

The Urojo is very similar to the Indian kadhi and comprises mainly of potatoes and flour. Lemon and mango give it a tangy flavour and it screams out yellow, thanks to a pinch of the ever-flavourful turmeric. Its silky smooth texture melts in your mouth. The toppings add a spicy twist to the soup. There are the deep-fried fritters called bhajias. You can also add sev – a fried noodle-like savoury made out of chickpea flour. There’s a variety of chutneys to choose from – the white coconut chutney, red-hot sauce or tamarind chutney. All these toppings are a staple in Indian cuisine as well.

Every bowl of Urojo has a different taste to it. That’s primarily because of the variations in ingredients, courtesy secretive family recipes. From the slow simmering of the stock to the time take to cook the stew, every vendor has a unique style of cooking the Urojo. This reflects on the bowl of soup they serve to their customers. This East African porridge is mouth-watering and refreshing.


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