Apple Juice

Fresh apple juice is a healthy and refreshing beverage. It is loaded with essential nutrients. If you want to stay fit and healthy throughout the year, you must learn how to make homemade apple juice. Although you can find bottled apple juice at stores, they are not half as healthy as homemade juice. This easy recipe for apple juice will help you prepare it at your home within 10 minutes.

When you are making apple juice in a blender, make sure to remove the seeds of the apples as they contain a cyanide compound that is harmful to the body. Always choose apples that are sweet for making fresh apple juice. Sour apples are highly acidic and not suitable for making refreshing apple juice. The apple varieties that are ideal for making juices are Ambrosia, Fuji, and Juliet. As they are naturally sweet, you do not have to add sugar.

On this recipe, we are not discarding the apple skin because it contains a healthy

You can also make apple juice if you do not have a blender or juicer. After slicing the apples, you need to add them to a pot filled with water. Boil for about 20 minutes. Mash the apples. Strain the hot juice through a mesh strainer. The apple juice will be filtered in the glass. You can add lemon, mint leaves, and honey for adding taste.


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