Chocolate Brownies

Brownies are one of the most popular chocolate desserts ever.  There are so many different varieties and toppings.

It is usually a dessert that is eaten hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to obtain the most exquisite flavor contrast. It can also be eaten warm with a glass of milk at snack time or just as a dessert after a main course. It is one of the most common desserts in restaurants, since it usually keeps very well.

If you want to prepare them, make sure that the chocolate is 70% pure cocoa. Most of the time it is baked in rectangular or square molds, once these are ready it will be easier to cut them into square pieces. When you want smaller pieces, you can pour the mixture into individual molds.

If you are a sweet lover, you will like this simple delicious brownie recipe that you can share in any occasion with your loved ones.



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