Christmas Pancakes Recipe

Is there a more magical or colorful time of year than Christmas?! Start the day as you mean to go on with my recipe for Christmas pancakes in different colors, and what better excuse to we need for such extravagance than it’s Christmas?!

For many parents, Christmas day starts early. The kids’ excitement can’t be contained and they’re bouncing off the walls, ready for the day ahead!

Parents: it’s best to be prepared. Start Christmas Day with a bang by making my incredible multi-colored Christmas pancake stack topped with whipped cream and sprinkles, which will enchant the children long enough to give you a Christmas morning break!

So, if you’re looking for festive breakfast ideas, read on!

Christmas rainbow pancakes

The best Christmas breakfast

On Christmas Day, usually two of the meals are planned in advance and there are no last minute ‘what shall we have for dinner?’ discussions! Breakfast, however, is another matter.

Instead of settling for your usual cereal or toast, on Christmas morning treat yourself to a pile of colorful pancakes in Christmassy shades of red, green, white and yellow, bright and festive like baubles.

It’s an indulgent day after all!

If you already have Christmas day plans, this is the perfect treat for you to enjoy the festive buildup throughout the Christmas period. Opening advent calendars, singing carols, watching Christmas movies, and a morning of Christmas pancakes!

rainbow pancakes for Christmas

A Christmas favorite for kids

Can you imagine your kids’ faces when you present them with a stack of colorful pancakes topped with whipped cream and sprinkles?! They will think all their Christmas wishes have come true!

Pancakes for Christmas is a child’s dream, and in fact, a food-loving adult’s dream too!

The bright multi-colored layers are so eye-catching and fun, plus the recipe is incredibly easy so get the children involved to help you make them. They will have a great time stirring the different food colorings into the batter, and watching as these great puddles of mixture gently puff up in the skillet to become fluffy pancakes.

Ingredients for Christmas Pancakes

For my Christmas pancake recipe, you will need:

All-purpose flour: while there are a lot of healthy pancake recipes out there which use whole wheat flours, this is the best kind of flour for filling yet light and fluffy pancakes.

Baking powder: to give the pancakes a beautiful rise in the skillet.

Sugar: for a little sweetness!

Cinnamon: the spice of Christmas! The scent of cinnamon immediately conjures festive images to mind as it’s added to spiced cookies, mulled wine and eggnog.

Salt: don’t forget the salt as it draws out the other flavors.

Eggs: eggs have multiple benefits in baking, and in pancakes they are essential for the fluffy texture and the rich creamy flavor.

Melted butter: meanwhile, butter is always best for extra flavor and moisture!

Whole milk: Rich in fat, yet subtle in flavor so it can back up the spices like a backing singer!

Vanilla extract: Vanilla and cinnamon are like best friends, warm and complementary, emphasizing each other’s fragrance!

Food coloring: Four festive colors to make this Christmas pancake recipe that extra bit more magical – I chose red, green, white and yellow. Use fairly thick food colorings, ideally pastes, so then they don’t dilute the batter.

Extra topping ideas for you Christmas pancakes

Pancakes always need a tasty topping. I love serving my Christmas pancakes with a big swirl of whipped cream and colorful sprinkles as it looks fun and festive. Here are some more ideas so you can get creative:

Maple syrup: the classic combination, and the easy option for Christmas morning!

Cream cheese icing: the favorite topping for red velvet or carrot cake, cream cheese icing is easy to make and delicious drizzled on top of my Christmas pancakes – simply beat together cream cheese, icing sugar, butter and vanilla.

Hot chocolate fudge sauce: So indulgent! It’s Christmas after all!

Caramel sauce: Another favorite, and to make your morning easier, simply open a can of caramel sauce, empty into a bowl and warm it gently in the microwave.

Fruit: berries, banana, orange pieces, anything you like, and to be particularly festive you can chop them into star shapes! You may find the children eat more fruit all of a sudden!

 rainbow pancakes for this Christmas

Eat, drink and be merry – my fluffy and colorful Christmas pancake recipe will bring a touch of joy to your Christmas morning!


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