How To Make Cinnamon Rolls

I love cinnamon rolls! There’s just something about when cinnamon, sugar and butter are combined that creates the most amazing flavour experience. Fresh out of the oven, fluffy dough and caramelised cinnamon sugar, they are just irresistible.
You start this recipe by making the dough, which for me is always an absolute joy.

Whenever you’re working with a dough recipe, no matter what it is, the process I always find very therapeutic. Even if you’re using a mixer rather than getting in there with your hands, the rhythm of it and just watching the dough come together is very relaxing.
I’ve made this recipe as simple as possible so you get perfect results every time, but you do want to give yourself plenty of time to do it and give the dough plenty of time to prove it properly. This is how you end up with pillow-soft cinnamon rolls.
I hope you enjoy this recipe and love the process as much as the end result.


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