Coffee Cheesecake

My Coffee Cheesecake is an absolute must for me at any party I host.  It’s always the desert that gets the most compliments, which always surprises me given how divisive coffee in sweet treats can be.

I’m particularly proud of this recipe as it has made a few converts of coffee cheesecake haters too.

Coffee Cheesecake

There are sooo many options for coffee, but actually, the key to making sure you don’t have too bitter a taste is to brew it with hot water not boiling water.  If you really want to push the boat out you could use a percolator to really pull those deep coffee flavours.

Personally, I’m a big fan of the baked cheesecake as it has a much denser and more velvety texture, which feels a lot more traditional to me for a cheesecake.  Cooking also takes the edge off the bitterness from the coffee, meaning you end up with a gorgeously rich, flavourful treat.

This recipe is definitely one you want to make the day before if you’re having friends or family over as you want to make sure you give yourself the time to make it right.

 Coffee Cheesecake


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