Kiwi Spinach Smoothie

Kiwi Spinach smoothie is a nutritious drink full of health benefits. If you want to boost your immunity and have a healthy life, you must check out my recipe for a kiwi spinach smoothie.

Do not buy bottled juice from stores as they have sugar, artificial coloring, and preservatives that are harmful to the body. Moreover, they have very little fruit in them. Follow my simple recipe to make a healthy smoothie using fresh kiwi and spinach from the local market.

In this recipe, we are adding kiwis, spinach, half banana, chia seeds, orange juice, and lime juice. As we are not using dairy, vegans can enjoy this smoothie. It is a magic green drink loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Both kids and adults will enjoy this healthy smoothie. Kids will not taste the spinach in the smoothie. If you have fussy eaters at home, make a green smoothie. It is the best way to ensure that they are eating green fruits and vegetables.



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