Lava Cake

Lave cake has a wonderfully checkered history that I was fascinated by when I started to do some research into it.

A chef by the name of Jean-Gorges Vongerichten, in the United States, claims to have created the lava cake (or molten chocolate cake) back in 1987.  This, however, is vehemently disputed by Jacques Torres, a French chocolatier and chef, who claims that the dessert already existed in France long before this.  To this day the dispute continues.

The dessert shot to fame in the 1990s and could be found in just about every high-end restaurant around the world.  It lost favour, however, in the new millennia, and lost its high-end reputation (mostly because you started being able to find it everywhere!).

For me, the lava cake is a timeless classic, and still delights people all over the world.  Its fame continues too and I am still chuckling of the film Chef and Jon Favreau’s character laying into Oliver Platt’s character for his bad review of his lava cake!  Passions still run hot over this dessert.



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