Homemade pomegranate juice is delicious, healthy, and refreshing. If you have a blender at home, you can easily make it within 30 minutes. Pomegranate is a delicious and beautiful looking fruit that has plenty of nutritional benefits. Pomegranate juice can reduce systolic blood pressure. As pomegranate juice is rich in antioxidant polyphenols, it has anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent cancer and inflammation. It facilitates digestion and keeps the heart healthy.

In this recipe, I have used lemon to enhance the nutritional value of the juice. Pomegranate juice is loaded with iron. When you combine it with a citrus fruit rich in Vitamin C, it helps in iron absorption. You can alternatively use oranges or kiwi instead of lemon. I am using ginger in this recipe too because ginger prevents cough and cold. Moreover, it just tastes really delicious.

For this pomegranate juice recipe, choose pomegranates that look fresh and have a smooth skin without any blemishes. Avoid pomegranates that look dry as it is difficult to peel them. Be patient and careful when you are taking out the seeds. Although it is time-consuming, it is the most important step for making pomegranate juice. If you want to have chilled juice, keep the pomegranate seeds in the refrigerator for a few hours before putting them to the blender. Adding ice cubes to the juice will reduce the nutritional value and taste of the homemade pomegranate juice.


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