Snow White Grumpy Gooseberry Pie

Delightfully sweet, tangy, and fruity Gooseberry Pie inspired from Disney’s popular Snow White movie. This otherworldly double crust pie here has the best pie filling ever that you’d find yourself eating slice after slice. Serve this pie hot or cold with custard or ice cream topping. Yum!

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What is a Gooseberry?
Gooseberry Types
Recipe Ingredients
Alternative Ingredients
Frequently Asked Questions
What do Gooseberries Taste Like?
What does Gooseberry Pie Taste Like?
Can You Freeze Gooseberry Pies?
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If you’ve enjoyed my famous Princess Tiana’s Beignets from Princess and the Frog, you’ll also fall head over heels with this easy pie recipe from the first Disney princess - Snow White.

In case you need me to remind you of that scene, it was that part where Snow White convinces her dwarf friends that she should let her stay in their cottage.

Apparently, this princess can cook all kinds of food, but when she mentioned gooseberry pie, Grumpy finally gave the nod. 

I can see why this has been Grumpy’s favorite pie. And I’ll make sure that you will also love this gooseberry recipe, too, as much as Grumpy did.

What is a Gooseberry?

Unripe Green Gooseberries

You very rarely hear people talk about gooseberries much these days, which I think is a real shame. They seem to have an old, otherworldly feel to them like you’d only find them in a fairy tale.

Gooseberries are indigenous to much of Europe and have been loved for centuries, which is why they have that fairy tale aura I’d imagine. 

Oddly, they have fallen out of fashion completely these days even though they actually keep better than most other soft fruits.

They are incredibly tart if picked early in the season, which makes them perfect for pies as they need sweetening to temper the sour.

If you pick them when they are ripe, however, later in July, they are so juicy and sweet.

Gooseberry Types

Gooseberries are rare to find these days. 

These fruits are usually picked before they are even fully ripe to increase their shelf life.

Gooseberry plants grow well in humid summers and cold winters. Probably this is the best reason why they aren’t widely cultivated.

There are two main types of gooseberry:

 American gooseberries - native to the northeastern part of the U.S. This gooseberry type grows smaller berries and has an inferior taste compared to their European counterpart.

European gooseberries - this type is actually native to North Africa and Caucasus Mountains.

Unlike the American ones, this type of gooseberry actually bears larger fruits and is more flavorful. They are about the size of small plums and can be white, yellow, red, and in purple shades.

Recipe Ingredients

Now that we finally have the idea about our star of the show, let’s get down to business and learn how to make gooseberry pie from Disney’s movie Snow White.

All you need are the following…

Pie Crust

  • All-purpose flour - the over versatile flour which works great for our double crusted pie
  • Salt - adds flavor for our crust (or sugar, if you want) that complements with our gooseberry pie filling
  • Butter - helps create that distinct buttery flaky crust; take note that you have to use cold butter for our crust. Warm or melted butter would just make our pastry greasy.
  • Ice Water - prevents the fat from our cold butter from melting; if the butter melts before it gets even baked, then we won’t be able to achieve a flaky pie crust.

Gooseberry Pie Filling

  • Gooseberries - the star of this recipe. I use green gooseberries in this case which are more sour than the red or purple ones. They go perfectly for this pie as we want that sweet and sour or tart flavors in every bite.
  • Orange juice - adds a nice kick of citrusy flavor that also cuts the tartness of the gooseberries.
  • White sugar - sweetens up our gooseberry pie. You’ll love the perfect blend of sweet and tart flavors in this easy pie recipe.
  • Butter - enriches the flavor and texture of our pie filling.
  • Vanilla extract - anything is better with a drop of vanilla extract for that added sweet aroma and flavor.
  • Flour - helps thicken our filling a bit so it won’t make our crust soggy.
  • Egg yolks - acts as a thickener and as binder at the same time for our gooseberry pie filling.

Alternative Ingredients

  1. If you can’t find gooseberries in your grocery stores, feel free to replace them with blackberries.
  2. You may replace orange juice with orange zest.
  3. Swap flour with arrowroot starch or cornstarch as a thickener for our pie filling.
  4. If you’re pressed for time, you can always use the store-bought pie crust. Puff pastry also works great as well for pies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do Gooseberries Taste Like?

Gooseberries are berries that are sour or tart when unripe (green), and turn sweet and fruity as they ripen up (red or purple).

What does Gooseberry Pie Taste Like?

Our Snow White’s Gooseberry Pie recipe is a perfect combination of sweet and tart flavors from our filling and that sumptuous rich buttery taste from our pie crust.

Can You Freeze Gooseberry Pies?

Oh yes! Fruit pies can either be frozen both unbaked or baked.

To freeze unbaked fruit pie, assemble them (but don’t apply the egg wash), and freeze uncovered until firm.

Once they’re hard to touch, double wrap them with a plastic wrap then with an aluminum foil and freeze for up to 4 months.

As for baked fruit pie, bake them as directed. Let it cool completely before wrapping and freezing them.

When ready to serve, simply thaw at room temperature. You can serve it at this point or reheat it in a preheated oven at 425 F for about 15 minutes or until warmed enough.

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