Chocolate Covered Strawberry Bouquet

This edible chocolate covered strawberry bouquet is the perfect gift idea for Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day or the next Birthday of one of your close friends or family members. Of course, it takes more time and preparation than just going to the next flower shop down the street. But trust me, the effort is definitely worth it, and this beautiful handmade edible gift will definitely be remembered by your loved ones. What a great idea! There are however a few things to think about before crafting your perfect strawberry bouquet.

First of all, it is important to use fresh strawberries, and ideally the most beautiful you can find in your supermarket. Keep in mind that the chocolate covered strawberries are best eaten within the first two days. I personally recommend to not keep them longer than two days, and to store them well covered in the fridge after the first day, ideally in an airtight container so you they are kept fresh. For the decoration, I love to mix them up with real flower to give them a special touch!


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