How to Make the Perfect Strawberry Banana Smoothie

The perfect strawberry banana smoothie is a wondrous thing – creamy yet light and fresh, whizzed together in only a couple of seconds, ready for breakfast, post-gym workout or after an exercise class, or even as a healthy snack.

Often, with the simplest dishes, it’s difficult to know where to begin. How do you make the most delicious cheese on toast, pasta salad, or banana bread? I have another one for you – how do you make the best strawberry banana smoothie?

I’ll show you how.

My strawberry banana smoothie recipe is made with a couple of extra ingredients to give the flavor a big boost, plus it is healthy, ticking off two of your five a day in one drink.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

So, if you’re looking to find out how to make the perfect strawberry banana smoothie, keep reading!

The best strawberry banana smoothie recipe ever

I LOVE smoothies – they are the perfect way to consume your five fruits and vegetables of the day, and also they taste so sweet and delicious that you forget how healthy they are! Smoothies are my go-to for a quick and filling treat when cooking or baking feels like too much of a challenge. I’ve experimented with so many different flavors – many of which are here on my blog including my breakfast banana oatmeal smoothie, green mango smoothie, and berry and avocado smoothie. As you can tell, I like to mix different fruit and vegetables and see what interesting combinations I can discover!

However, even though I love to experiment with my smoothie maker, the classic is popular for a reason. Strawberry banana smoothies are probably the best of all the smoothies – the vibrant, tangy strawberry is soothed and softened by creamy banana, and the blend is suddenly ten times more indulgent than either flavor on its own!

You could simply leave your strawberry banana smoothie recipe just like that – strawberries, banana and water – and it would still hit that spot for a sweet healthy drink.

However, I’ve added in a few extra ingredients, all fresh and healthy, to draw out those fruity flavors so you feel like you’re drinking a creamy dessert!

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

What ingredients will I need?

So, what’s in my strawberry banana smoothie recipe?

Strawberries: Without wanting to state the obvious – yes, we need strawberries! You can use either fresh strawberries or frozen. Frozen strawberries are particularly useful to keep in stock when the season changes.

Banana: Likewise – who knew we needed banana! My preferred way to prepare smoothies is to chop my fruit in advance then store them in bags or containers in the freezer, clearly labelled according to the fruit. Then all I need to do is grab the right one for each smoothie recipe. Plus, frozen fruit makes the smoothie extra thick like a shake which, to me, always feels more indulgent! If your fruit is frozen, there’s no need to add extra ice.

Yogurt: You can use Greek, natural or plain yogurt – any of them will add a lovely rich creaminess to the smoothie. Yogurt is naturally quite sour so it balances the sweetness of the strawberries and banana.

Honey: I also add a teaspoon of honey which softens the sour tang of strawberry and yogurt, mellowing the flavor and suddenly it is so easy to drink it disappears in a couple of gulps!

Almond milk: Feel free to substitute almond milk for dairy milk, however, the flavor will change slightly. I use almond milk in my smoothies because it doesn’t have a dominant milky flavor, yet still creates a wonderfully creamy smoothie.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon and banana are a delicious pairing and are often combined in muffins together. I find a pinch of ground cinnamon draws out the soft banana flavor, soothes the tangy yogurt, and gives the smoothie a full-bodied warmth.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie ingerdients

My strawberry banana smoothie tips

Here are some tips for making the best ever strawberry banana smoothie:

1. Make sure your almond milk is unsweetened otherwise the whole smoothie will be too sweet. If you would like to add more sweetener to the smoothie, simply add a little more honey – remember, just add a teaspoon at a time as sweetener goes a long way.

2. Pour in your liquid first then add the rest of your ingredients. The liquid then acts as a force to break down the fruit and other ingredients as it blends, and your final smoothie is in fact smoother!

3. Add vanilla – a little extra sweet, spicy flavor to complement the cinnamon.

4. If you’re vegan, try my strawberry banana smoothie with vegan yogurt, and maple syrup instead of honey.

 Strawberry Banana Smoothie

So, now you have my guide for the perfect strawberry banana smoothie – thick, creamy and indulgent, yet fresh and healthy, full of natural ingredients. Enjoy it as a quick snack or for a filling breakfast, and you’ll quickly agree that it’s the best strawberry banana smoothie recipe ever!


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