Recipe For Baked Avocado

When most of us think about avocado it's usually as an addition to a salad or smashed on top of a slice of toast. But, did you know avocados can also be baked?  Baked avocados are amazing and something a bit different.

Eating avocados should be a regular fixture of everyone’s diet if you ask me.  They are creamy, light, flavourfull, and an excellent way to get more healthy fats into your diet.

This Super Easy Baked Avocado recipe is one of my absolute favorites. It tastes so good and you can easily make a bunch in advance without any fuss at all! Just dip the avocados in egg (or oil if you’re vegan), add bread crumbs on top for crunchiness and bake them until they're browned around the edges but still creamy inside. 



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