This is a quick and simple air fryer tofu recipe. Tofu gets a bad reputation a lot of the time for being bland, rubbery, and not the most appetizing food. But when prepped and cooked correctly it can be so delicious and incredibly satisfying.
The key thing to remember is that tofu is an ingredient that you need to add flavor to, not really one that you pull the flavor out of. That’s why I love this recipe so much and whip it out when I’m creating a bit of a spread for people to tuck into. Garlic, Onion powder, and the dried herbs bring those wonderful Mediterranean flavors, while the soy sauce adds that hit of umami that tofu soaks up so well.
The most important step in preparing your tofu is to drain it properly. This is where most people go wrong because if you don’t then there will be too much moisture left in the tofu and it won't be able to soak up all those gorgeous flavors.

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