Garlic Bread Homemade

Do you miss the taste of fresh garlic bread from your favorite Italian restaurant? If you want to enjoy a delicious and authentic homemade garlic bread, keep on reading as I will show you how to make homemade garlic bread from scratch. Garlic bread is a popular side item mostly available at Italian restaurants. This delicious toast can be eaten as an entree or along with the main course like pasta.

Though it is common, many people do not know how to make it. But there’s nothing to worry about. It can be made with any crusty bread or sliced white bread easily with a couple of ingredients. In this post, I will guide you step by step in making mouthwatering garlic bread.

Keesha's Kitchen Garlic Bread Homemade

Health Benefits of Garlic

This may come as a surprise but garlic is actually beneficial for your overall health.
It helps to lower down cholesterol levels and blood pressure immediately. Not only is garlic rich in antioxidants, but they improve your digestion and lower your risk of getting diabetes and any heart-related diseases.

Along with this, garlic also boosts the immunity system and protects it from a number of viruses. Do you remember the 90s movies where garlic was used to scare off vampires? The fact that raw garlic has a pungent odor cannot be denied. But used in the right way, its strong aroma can turn a basic dish such as a baguette into a delicacy. 

Garlic bread is made in a variety of ways. It can be grilled, lightly toasted in an oven, or heated in a frypan. Depending on the method you choose, it will give you a different tasting garlic bread each time.

Keesha's Kitchen Garlic Bread Homemade
Originally, garlic bread was made by using olive oil. Since it was a little hard to find, people swapped olive oil with butter. But olive oil is a very healthy form of oil. Olive oil helps in losing weight and contains anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, lower’s down cholesterol levels. So, you can easily use olive oil instead of butter to make it healthier.

You can choose whichever bread you like for making garlic bread. Either choose a crusty bread like a baguette or a slice of white bread. You can even choose stale bread lying around in your house. But if you have enough time at hand, I would definitely recommend you to make your own bread.


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