Golden Pineapple Rings

This is just the most beautiful, sumptuous desert and it’s so incredibly simple, I just love it.

Pineapple is a firm favourite in my house.  I’d honestly eat it with every meal if I could, which is why I love to play around with what you can do with it.  This recipe came out of one such play session and I was so delighted with the results it had to come straight on here.

The batter is delightfully light, and the flavours from the cinnamon, vanilla, and star anise work so well with the sweet tang from the pineapple, I’m sure you are going to love it.

Golden Pineapple Rings

Pineapple is one of those fruits that need to have its praises sung more often!  It is so incredibly good for you it's unreal.  Loaded with Vitamin C it’s great for helping boost your immune system (it’s particularly good to eat when you have a cold as it helps soothe your throat and kill off all those nasty bacteria.).

It is full of manganese, which is great for bone health, as well as a whole host of disease-fighting antioxidants.  If any food deserves to be labeled a superfood, pineapples are top of my list.

The great thing about using an air fryer is that you’re not negating all those health benefits by frying the pineapples in oil.  This really is an indulgent, mouthwatering dessert that is good for the taste buds and good for your health.

If you’ve never used rice milk before you are going to be so surprised.  It is deliciously sweet and works so well for a dessert like this.  Trust me, it’s worth getting.

A nice dollop of coconut yogurt keeps it nice and healthy, or a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream also goes a treat with my pineapple rings.  All that’s left to say is – enjoy!


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