Chicken Skewer Recipes

Sometimes all you want is a simple little nibble to satiate your appetite and my Lemony Chicken Skewers are perfect for that!

Succulent pieces of chicken cooked to perfection in the air fryer, with a crispy outside and juicy succulent meat on the inside, this dish is an absolute delight, if I do say so myself.

You get the tang from the lemon, a nutty hint from the peanut butter, the umami from the soy sauce, and it’s all brought together with a wonderful undertone of curry and garlic.  They are delicious.

I seriously love how perfectly my air fryer cooks pretty much anything.  It’s an incredible machine.  You get gorgeous crispy edges on your chicken, but keep the juicy moistness on the inside.  And it’s so much healthier for you as you’re not cooking it all in oil.  Just Amazing!



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