Steamef Scallop with black pudding

I love this dish because of its simplicity but also the flavors you get. Black pudding and scallops are just the perfect combination, and if you have never put them together before now is your chance.
Steaming is one of my favorite methods of cooking. It is fast, mess-free, and nearly impossible to get wrong. Steaming gently cooks your ingredients while maintaining flavor, texture, and most importantly all the nutrients. So you end up with incredibly tasty food that is good for you!
Black pudding is a particularly divisive ingredient, and many turn their nose up at the idea of it because of its primary ingredient; pig blood. Others, on the other hand, can’t have their morning fry up without it. Its unique flavor comes from the mix of fat and oatmeal that’s added to the blood along with the producer's special spices (each producer has their own recipe that they keep very well guarded) before being packed into a casing.


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