Colombian Arepas

Are you looking for a delicious and fulfilling snack that you can prepare within 20 minutes? Then you must check out our easy and simple recipe for Colombian Arepas. If you have never tasted them, you must try this recipe right away. The arepas are crispy at the outside and tender at the inside. When stuffed with beef or chicken, they are incredibly scrumptious. 

Arepas are tasty cornmeal cakes that are savored by people in many Latin American countries. They are fried, baked or grilled. The Columbian version of arepas is golden and crispy. While the outside portion fries up to give a crispy taste, the middle portion is moist and cheesy.  

Colombian Arepas are served hot. You can fill them with various stuffings. For this recipe, we are using a chicken and beef filling, you can alternatively use scrambled eggs or shredded fish. If you are a vegetarian, you can add a vegetable filling of your choice. Black beans and cheese is a popular stuffing choice.


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