Puerto Rican Garlic Shrimps

Puerto Rican food has always been influenced by fresh and local ingredients, as each region has its own recipes for dishes based on the ingredients available, like fresh seafood from the coast or coffee produced in the Puerto Rican mountains.

This particular dish is a favorite in Latin American cuisine as it is very exquisite and coveted by those who prefer to eat seafood. Its spectacular flavor is due to the cooking method used; the shrimps are first marinated with lemon, orange, and garlic, then cooked and finished with wine, creating a delicious and exotic dish.

The culinary use of shrimp is very distinctive and much sought after, as it can be used to prepare a great variety of recipes, in particular due to the high nutritional value it contains. It is especially rich in vitamin B12, which is vital for the production of red blood cells.

Below is an authentic and traditional Puerto Rican-style shrimp recipe that is easy and simple to prepare. Enjoy this Caribbean delicacy with friends and family, who will be surprised about the explosion of flavors in this rich dish.


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