Recipe for stuffed baked Potatoes

Stuffed Potatoes are a very popular dish in various countries around the world, and you can find them in all shapes, sizes and flavors. The recipe for stuffed baked potatoes we will look at today is the traditional peruvian stuffed potatoes recipe.

Stuffed Baked Potatoes Recipe

Papas rellenas or Stuffed potatoes, is one of the most famous dishes of Peruvian gastronomy. As its name already suggests, the star ingredient of this traditional Peruvian dish is the potato. It can be stuffed with various ingredients such as cheese, ham, ground beef and pork, shredded chicken, shrimp, vegetables, boiled eggs, raisins, or olives. The potatoes can either be fried by sautéing them in a breading mix or baked, which is a healthier alternative.

Stuffed Baked Potatoes Recipe

The stuffed potato in Peru is served as a starter or as an appetizer and is frequently stuffed with some local ingredients such as seco de res, aji de gallina, cheese with corn, anticuchos, sautéed pork loin, among others. A perfect stuffed potato must be well-browned on the outside and soft and tender on the inside. The delicious filling should have a spicy touch from the chili bell pepper and a light sweetness from the raisins. Trust me, it will taste like an explosion of flavors in your mouth!

Peru Stuffed Potatoes

The stuffed potatoes are served as an appetizer with Creole sauce or as a side dish usually at lunchtime with rice and a salad of your choice.

Stuffed Baked Potatoes Creole Sauce


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