Casserole with glass lid BRA Premiere A4105


Now, cook chicken, vegetables, lasagna and more with this top quality sauté skillet. Teflon classic aluminium is flawlessly resistant against scratches, rust, corrosion and fading. Non-stick coating confirms gentle cooking from stove burner to oven and can bear temperature up to 220˚C. Beautiful grips let you lift the pot right off the fire. Have a watchful look at foods through glass lid.

Key Features

  • Colour: Red
  • Material:
    • Aluminium
    • Silicone
    • Glass
    • Teflon Classic
  • Thickness: 5,5 mm
  • Temperature max.: 220ºC
  • Characteristics:
    • Suitable for all types of stoves (electric, gas, ceramic glass, induction)
    • Suitable for dishwashers
    • Non-stick
  • Valid for: Oven